DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP Microchip Technology

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The DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP is a high-performance digital signal controller (DSC) from Microchip Technology, designed to deliver the computational power of a Digital Signal Processor (DSP) with the versatility and ease-of-use of a microcontroller. This makes it an excellent choice for applications requiring complex algorithms, high-speed control operations, and real-time performance.



The DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP is a specialized digital signal controller (DSC), designed to offer the optimal blend of the processing power of a digital signal processor (DSP) with the functional ease and integration capabilities of a microcontroller (MCU). Here are its standout features that cater to a wide range of applications, especially in areas requiring high-speed and precise control:

High-Performance DSC Core

  • 16-bit Modified Harvard Architecture: Ensures efficient instruction execution, particularly for DSP algorithms.
  • 30 MIPS (Million Instructions Per Second) at 30 MHz: Delivers high-speed processing capabilities necessary for real-time applications and complex algorithms.
  • DSP Engine: Features a DSP-centric instruction set that includes MAC (Multiply-Accumulate), bit-reversed addressing mode, and barrel shifting, enhancing its efficiency in DSP applications.

Memory and Storage

  • Program Memory: Offers ample flash memory for storing firmware and applications, facilitating complex programming tasks and updates.
  • Data Memory: Includes RAM for data storage, ensuring fast access and processing of temporary data during operations.

Advanced Peripherals

  • PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) Outputs: Ideal for precise motor control, LED dimming, and other applications requiring variable output.
  • ADC (Analog-to-Digital Converter): High-resolution ADCs convert analog signals to digital, supporting sensor integration and data acquisition tasks.
  • Communication Interfaces: Equipped with UART, SPI, and I2C interfaces, allowing for versatile communication with other devices and systems.

Robust Design and Reliability

  • Extended Temperature Range: Engineered to perform reliably in industrial temperature ranges, making it suitable for harsh environments.
  • Robust Input/Output (I/O) Pins: Designed to handle significant current and voltage levels, increasing the controller’s durability and application range.

Development and Support

  • In-Circuit Debugging and Programming: Supports streamlined debugging and programming through ICSP (In-Circuit Serial Programming) and JTAG interfaces, facilitating development and iteration.
  • Microchip’s MPLAB® Development Environment: Integrates with Microchip’s development tools and software, offering a comprehensive ecosystem for development, testing, and deployment.

Power Management

  • Flexible Power-Saving Modes: Includes various power-saving modes, allowing for efficient power management in battery-powered or energy-sensitive applications.

Application Versatility

  • Motor Control Capabilities: Tailored features for advanced motor control, including sensorless BLDC (Brushless DC) and PMSM (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor) control, adaptable to various motor types and control algorithms.
  • Customizable for Specific Needs: The combination of DSP and MCU capabilities makes it highly adaptable for custom applications in areas like audio processing, advanced control systems, and power management solutions.

The DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP stands out for its ability to handle demanding applications that require the processing power of a DSP with the functionality and ease of use of an MCU, making it an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of high-performance, control-oriented applications.



The DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP is a high-performance digital signal controller (DSC) that merges the processing power of a digital signal processor (DSP) with the versatility of a microcontroller. This makes it suitable for a wide range of applications, particularly in areas that require high-speed and complex algorithms for control and processing. Here are some of the key applications of the DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP:

Motor Control

  • Brushless DC (BLDC) Motor Control: Used in applications requiring high efficiency and reliability, such as fans, pumps, and electric vehicles.
  • AC Induction Motor Control: Ideal for industrial machinery, HVAC systems, and large appliance control where variable speed and high torque are necessary.
  • Servo Motor Control: For precise control in robotics, CNC machines, and automated manufacturing systems.

Power Conversion

  • Switch Mode Power Supplies (SMPS): Involves power supply units for computers, telecom equipment, and industrial machinery, where efficiency and compactness are critical.
  • Power Inverters: Converts DC to AC power for renewable energy systems like solar inverters or for backup power systems.
  • Battery Chargers: For efficient charging solutions in electric vehicles, portable electronics, and energy storage systems.

Automotive Applications

  • Electric Vehicle (EV) Systems: Including battery management, motor control, and onboard diagnostics.
  • Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS): Such as adaptive cruise control, collision avoidance systems, and parking assistance, which require real-time processing and control.

Industrial and Automation

  • Automated Machinery Control: In manufacturing lines, packaging machines, and CNC machines where precision and speed are crucial.
  • Robotics: For both industrial robots (in manufacturing and assembly lines) and service robots (in healthcare, cleaning, and surveillance).

Aerospace and Defense

  • Flight Control Systems: For unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other aerospace applications requiring precise control and high reliability.
  • Navigational Systems: Where real-time data processing and control are essential for accurate positioning and movement.

Consumer Electronics

  • Audio Processing: High-fidelity audio equipment, noise cancellation devices, and digital music instruments benefit from the DSP capabilities for sound quality enhancement and effects processing.

The DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP’s ability to handle complex mathematical calculations quickly and efficiently, along with its integrated peripherals and communication interfaces, make it an ideal choice for these applications and more. Its robustness, combined with Microchip’s support and development ecosystem, further enhances its applicability across various sectors, making it a go-to solution for engineers and developers working on advanced control and processing systems.



Choosing the DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP for your project offers several advantages:

  • Efficiency: Combines DSP performance with microcontroller efficiency, reducing the need for separate components and simplifying design.
  • Flexibility: Its wide array of peripherals and interfaces makes it adaptable to various applications, reducing time to market.
  • Reliability: Built to operate in extreme conditions, ensuring dependable performance where it matters most.
  • Support and Resources: Microchip Technology provides extensive documentation, development tools, and community support, making the development process smoother and faster.



Product Attribute Attribute Value
Manufacturer: Microchip
Product Category: Digital Signal Processors & Controllers – DSP, DSC
Product: DSCs
Core: dsPIC30F
Number of Cores: 1 Core
Maximum Clock Frequency: 40 MHz
Package/Case: DIP-28
Program Memory Size: 12 kB
Data RAM Size: 512 B
L1 Cache Instruction Memory:
L1 Cache Data Memory:
Operating Supply Voltage: 2.5 V to 5.5 V
Series: dsPIC30F2010
Tradename: dsPIC
Mounting Style: Through Hole
Minimum Operating Temperature: – 40 C
Maximum Operating Temperature: + 85 C
Packaging: Tube
Brand: Microchip Technology
Data Bus Width: 16 bit
Data ROM Size: 1024 B
Height: 3.3 mm
Instruction Type: Fixed/Floating Point
Interface Type: I2C, SPI, UART
Length: 34.67 mm
Number of I/Os: 20 I/O
Number of Timers/Counters: 3 Timer
Processor Series: dsPIC30F
Product Type: DSP – Digital Signal Processors & Controllers
Program Memory Type: Flash
Factory Pack Quantity: 15
Subcategory: Embedded Processors & Controllers
Supply Voltage – Min: 2.5 V
Width: 7.24 mm
Unit Weight: 4.200 g



DSPIC30F2010-30I/SP Microchip Technology Datasheet


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