LAN9355I/ML Microchip Technology

For order or price inquiry of LAN9355I/ML Microchip Technology / Atmel – Ethernet IC , 3-Port , 10BASE-T , 100BASE-FX , 100BASE-TX , QFN-88 , I2C , MII , RMII , SMI , Turbo MII Please visit our website and fill the RFQ form we will check out inventory and offer you our best price .





LAN9355I/ML Microchip Features


LAN9355I/ML Microchip Parametrics

Ethernet Bandwidth 10/100Mbps
TX RX RAM Buffer 32K
Interrupt Pin Yes
Op Voltage 3.3
# Ethernet Ports 3
Interface MII/RMII/Turbo MII
IOPins 6
IEEE1588 Yes
Temp Range Min -40
Temp Range Max 85
Turbo MII Yes
Dual MII Support No
# of Ether Ports 3
Copper Support 10/100 (2)
Fiber Support 100FX (2)
Supply Voltage (V) 3.3
Vdd I/O (V) 1.8/2.5/3.3
LinkMD Cable Diag Yes
On-Chip Termination No
Largest Pkt-Size Bytes 0
# of VLAN 0


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